Pocket Fridge

(Bell Challenge)


This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app.

Getting Started

First, run the development server:

npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result.

You can start editing the page by modifying pages/index.tsx. The page auto-updates as you edit the file.

API routes can be accessed on http://localhost:3000/api/hello. This endpoint can be edited in pages/api/hello.ts.

The pages/api directory is mapped to /api/*. Files in this directory are treated as API routes instead of React pages.

Learn More

To learn more about Next.js, take a look at the following resources:

You can check out the Next.js GitHub repository - your feedback and contributions are welcome!

Deploy on Vercel

The easiest way to deploy your Next.js app is to use the Vercel Platform from the creators of Next.js.

Check out our Next.js deployment documentation for more details.

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Event finished

23.10.2022 16:00

change recipe to hot banana split (@1H0)

Added kcal label. 💈 (@michaelbeutler)

Fixed... 🍩 (@michaelbeutler)

Merge branch 'main' of github.com:BaselHack2022/app (@michaelbeutler)

Added keywords match and sound. 🔈 (@michaelbeutler)

add recipe with dries bananas (@1H0)

clean up ingredients (@1H0)

Added logo. 🍩 (@michaelbeutler)

Added link. 🚢 (@michaelbeutler)

Fixed selection. 🍕 (@michaelbeutler)

add images to the recipes (@1H0)

Added polyfill. 📰 (@michaelbeutler)

Fixed build process. 🧲 (@michaelbeutler)

Merge branch 'main' of github.com:BaselHack2022/app (@michaelbeutler)

Fixed google cloud auth for deployment. ⚙️ (@michaelbeutler)

return correct data on recipes detail route (@1H0)

add some more recipes (@1H0)

add more provided by Tamara & @fhujuju (@1H0)

Added new ML functions. 😇 (@michaelbeutler)

Fixed typo. (@michaelbeutler)

Merge branch 'main' of github.com:BaselHack2022/app (@michaelbeutler)

Updated ML part. (@michaelbeutler)

hopefully fix the build to please @michaelbeutler (@1H0)

Added basic image classification model. 🍌 (@michaelbeutler)

Adjusted backend accordingly. 😇 (@michaelbeutler)

Adjusted mock data. (@michaelbeutler)

Merge branch 'main' of github.com:BaselHack2022/app (@michaelbeutler)

Added missing frontend parts. 💎 (@michaelbeutler)

implement recipes matching funcionality (@1H0)

Added new changes. 🙃 (@michaelbeutler)

Added new functions. (@michaelbeutler)

add new ingredients provided by Tamara & @fhujuju (@1H0)

send error message on 405 (@1H0)

add some more ingredients :building_construction: (@1H0)

implement endpoints for recipes and ingredients (@1H0)

Added skeleton loader. (@michaelbeutler)

Sync with @1H0. 🪜 (@michaelbeutler)

Adjusted model. 🍩 (@michaelbeutler)

Added new functions and pages. 🚧 (@michaelbeutler)

Added models for @1H0 😅 (@michaelbeutler)

Initial commit. 🔥 (@michaelbeutler)

Initial commit from Create Next App (@michaelbeutler)

Event started

22.10.2022 09:00
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